Be your own boss Amid COVID-19 with Deliver Boss

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has come up as a nightmare to us and we don’t know how to deal with it. The only thing that we can go for is staying at home and being safe to avoid the spread of the virus. However, businesses are taking the hit in the worst possible way.

Many businesses are able to offer the work from home to the employees but for the manufacturing and delivery services, it is not an option. However, the companies are taking necessary measures to keep their riders safe.

Nevertheless, the pandemic has come up as a disaster for the industries and users since no one is to leave their homes. For basic requirements, the users are dependent on the store’s owner that offers home delivery services.

However, with Deliver Boss, it will be easy for not only the customer but also the store owners to each deliver the products. Deliver Boss is a platform that allows users to order the essential from the nearby store and the riders will ensure to deliver the items at the doorsteps.

The riders can communicate with the store owners to make sure that the products are ready for the pickup before getting it delivered to the destination.

Why do customers go to the Deliver Boss?

We all are under the lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak in the market. This is making it extremely difficult for the users to go out, shop a little, and get the essential home. As a result, they are looking out for the alternatives that allow them to easily order the essential and let the riders take care of the rest.

However, the riders make sure to maintain hygiene while delivering the products. The motive is to ensure that safe delivery is practised during the pandemic that we all are living into.

Why must riders go for Deliver Boss?

We are facing a pandemic in which customers are no longer allowed to step out of the home and shop for their essentials. However, the pandemic is not only affecting the lives of the customers but the riders as well since everything is under lockdown.

We, at Deliver Boss, understand your dilemma and are trying to come up with the perfect solution to help you out. This is becoming an extremely crucial time since the mode of earning is limited and people don’t have many options to meet their daily needs.

To overcome this situation, Deliver Boss is giving a platform for such riders that want to earn some extra amount amid the coronavirus pandemic. Just get yourself registered at Deliver Boss and we will offer you a number of benefits while maintaining your safety during the drastic situation.

Our motive is to ensure that everyone can earn while facing a drastic situation where the whole world is at risk. However, understanding the need of time, we also make sure that the riders can be safe while picking and delivering the products in the market.

Deliver Boss is giving an opportunity to be the boss of deliveries while being safe and earning some extra amount. It is our contribution to the world amid the pandemic.

We are covering groceries and pharmacies delivery for now but soon will expand into the world of food and other essential delivery services. Join us today and be part of our team.