Bringing Revolution To The Food Delivery Industry

Food delivery firms have extended their hold on the market shares with technological advancements supported by offbeat and outlandish innovations. The online food delivery business has seen a paradigm and a drastic shift.

The advent of high-speed internet and an increase in the usage of smartphones has given a significant boost to food delivery services across the globe. With the sudden increase in demands for the home delivery services, there are immense opportunities for start-ups and restaurants to raise their graphs of market share.

The outspread of coronavirus has entirely reshaped the food delivery industry and this wave has brought several loopholes along with it which makes it difficult both for the customers as well as the firms to comply with a better experience.

Here we bring to you some emerging food delivery trends which will assist and prove to be a helping hand in fighting our invisible enemy for all the food delivery start-ups in climbing the ladder of success and reshaping their economic growth.

Latest Evolutionary Trends

Industry experts have predicted that this year the food delivery firms will have to adopt these advancements, evolving trends, and effective strategies for their growth.

1.Need for a Centralized ordering system

For all the food delivery businesses the key to rapid growth is timely and speedy delivery of the order, customer satisfaction, time management, and efficient food production at all times. As there are multiple channels for all firms maintaining a centralized ordering system for all is the need of the hour. Investing in an advanced POS(Point Of Scale) system will extend its prominent effect on the growth of the firm for a longer duration. 

This system will manage all the orders coming centrally, analyze all the companies’ statistics and the customer as well as the sales data, track the inventory level and stocks of the firm. It will also monitor the patterns of customer activity done and even help in staff management.

A Centralized cloud-based system has essentially transformed and has added wings to the traditional `POS system. From an uninvolved simple billing system to an end-to-end exhaustive and eclectic system managing the complete ordering cycle. It enhances the food delivery capacity and an upsurge in the order fulfilment.

2. Cloud Kitchens: low operational costs

This concept of cloud kitchens can do wonders and bring revolution to the food delivery industry. These kitchens operate in the delivery segments only without their own kitchen space. It is a very profitable investment for the service providers catering to low operational costs and minimal staffing costs. Multiple brands can function together with this including the third party cutting down on delivery costs as well.

3. Need for Delivery Channels

Forgiving a better customer experience all the firms need easy online delivery options which allow the simplification of the ordering process. The firms cannot limit their orders to a single channel. Streamlining the entire process of managing the orders taken is the need of the hour. The trend of taking to multiple possible channels for placing orders such as virtual assistants, mobile applications, smart devices, websites, social media platforms will continue to grow in the coming years.

# Order placed with a Tweet

Social media platforms are more customer-friendly. Taking your business and order placing facilities on these platforms can result in more customer attraction. Many firms have adopted this method which has done wonders with their sales as the customers love the idea of the order placed with a hashtag or emojis.

# Let the Virtual Assistant do the ordering 

Today in the dawn of this era the world is getting in touch with multi-touch. Using chatbots and virtual assistants to order has totally revolutionized food delivery services. They can order with an emoji or a single word on chat-bots. The previous orders get recorded and the virtual assistant does all that you command with it’s reordering skills announcing the estimated delivery time. All the customers, with these innovative features, can easily order with their voice, check the location of their ordered food and make changes to their orders according to their craving.

# Your smartwatch will timely order 

Many of the platforms have integrated with smartwatch companies as more and more people have shown their interests in these watches. With apple and android smart devices, your order is just a few clicks away. You can order anywhere and anytime on your wrists. You can check your order status, change it, track it, and check estimated arrival time. With these devices everything becomes easy.

# Order while driving in your car

Many of the firms have partnered with companies to make orders while driving possible. An in-car ordering system is attached in the cars which enable you to order while busy driving and your order will be delivered till the time you reach your destination. Many companies have been looking forward to this.

# Watch your smart TV order

With these smart TV’s the customers can order while relaxing in their bed. Many firms have signed with companies enabling them to customize their order, check their favourite and previous orders, check the status, and have heavy discounts.

# Let the eyes do the ordering 

Many companies now use an innovative approach that captures the movement of the eyes using eye-tracking technology. It gathers data using the customer’s eye focus and gives suggestions within the blink of an eye.

4. Virtual and Augmented reality to help

Companies switch to magic wands augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) to attract more customers to their services.

# Advertisements

The companies use advertisements for expanding their services and awareness, to increase their sales and to refresh their marketing campaigns.

# Virtual training to employees

The newly joined employees are often given virtual training to make them familiar with the working environment. This increases their efficiency and reduces manual teaching time.

5. New delivery options

With the advent of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, the companies are not only confined to manual delivery. By using other modes of delivery such as drones, robots, and parachutes can speed up their delivery process at lower operational costs.

# Robots

Many companies have started using robots and self-driving cars for delivery purposes. These machines have the capacity to move for 6 miles an hour. They are even equipped with cameras and GPS navigation systems, sensors, and 3-D city maps to find the best route and avoid bumps and holes.

# Drone Deliveries 

Many companies took to drone deliveries which can avoid traffic congestion and safely deliver the order straight to the customer’s destination within less time.

6. Accept CryptoCurrency

With the rise of blockchain technology, the exchange of cryptocurrencies has provided a better customer experience. It eliminates any fraudulent activities and enhances food delivery services. The payment options are extended and do not limit the customers.

7. Big Data Analytics

Big data analysis has revolutionized every field. The food service providers collect the data for efficient services such as the customer purchasing history, effect of temperature on food, social media reviews, and comments of the customers, road traffic, etc.

All the information collected helps to monitor the customer’s reviews, give the precise delivery time, personalize food orders, and give an immediate reaction to the complaints made.

Put To Effective Use

The world is accelerating at a very rapid pace. With these technological advancements, the customers demand a very faster, cheaper, and efficient customer experience at their comfort. So, equip your delivery services with these trends.