Vital Lifeline with Online Stores

The world is fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic. More than a million people who come under the category of ‘Extremely Vulnerable-one having a very high risk of infection’. The government has advised people to stay at their homes until July 2020 and only leave the premises in case of emergencies. It is a mandatory precaution taken by them to protect the citizens from the clutches of this pandemic.

This poses a major concern about accessing the essential commodities such as groceries, food items, basic regular supplies and medicines. This has made the online stores a ‘vital lifeline’ for our survival in this time of crisis. There has been a tremendous rise in online demands for essentials and delivery slots.

The online services can deliver all the required commodities at your doorstep. Along with this, online stores are often requesting people to think before clicking and leave the delivery slots for vulnerable people. 

Here are some tips for shopping in online supermarkets.  

  1. Placing order online 

The websites go down and show slower response as many people access the online store and grocery slots. It has led to slower navigation and more time to load the sites. In case you find a delivery slot you generally have a definite interval of time to check out before losing the slot. In most of the cases, the website mostly crashes after reaching the checkout and adding to your shopping basket.

  • One trick is to add some groceries meeting the minimum requirements and then checkout after you have a slot. You can make changes in your order afterwards thus, saving your slot. This way you will be shopping easily.
  • Although, there are several restrictions posed by each online store. So the customers need to be aware of the changes in the order they can make.
  • Once the customers have logged in their accounts, the items which are in their shopping basket will be saved until they visit the site next time. So, all the customers must ensure to fill their essentials in their buckets prior to the access of delivery slots. If you have access to a delivery slot, you can check out without worrying about changing and editing the order later on.

2. Local Food Bank

In case you are having a hard time struggling to afford your shopping amidst this crisis, there are many food banks ready to help you. They provide free food parcels which generally last at least three days. Food Banks provide help in case you are referred. Although, this is not the criteria in case of some private foodbanks. You can be referred by a health visitor, doctor, any social worker or school.

You will be asked certain questions regarding why you want to use the food bank and relating to your income. This questionnaire process ensures that the food goes to the neediest. There are many reasons for referrals. Some include delay in payment, large bill etc.

3. Register on the site – ’Gov.UK ‘

In case you are having a medical condition where you may have received a letter to shield at your home, you come in the category of ‘extremely vulnerable’, where there is a very high risk of getting in the clutches of the pandemic. The people under this may have an organ transplant, respiratory problems, asthma, cancer treatment and other severe medical conditions. Irrespective of the letter, in case you have any severe medical condition and are in need of any of the basic requirement registers on can even register on behalf of anyone who is in need of help and unable to register themselves.

It will include:

Delivery of food parcels, medical supplies and other basic requirements for cleaning and bathing.

4. Priority slots on online stores

Many online stores have been trying to prioritize customers who are the most vulnerable and provide them with early delivery slots. The focus is primarily on the government’s high-risk classification but those high-risk people missed on the list can even request the access.

5. Keep a check on the slots

The online stores keep their customers updated about the slots they are to release, days before. But, some do not reveal the time at which it is to be done. It is advised to the customers to check each morning for the slots and have a regular check on the social media pages of the stores.

6. Check for help in your area

There are numerous volunteers who are willing to help in such a pandemic. You need to be aware and know the people near you who want to extend a helping hand. As these individuals such as the ones in your society, taxi drivers and firms delivering goods, farm shops ready to deliver essentials and other volunteers in your area can be of great help when there is a delay in online deliveries. Also, there are many councils who are helping the vulnerable and needy by recruiting the volunteers signed to help them access essential commodities such as food and medications.

Many social media platforms have been of great help. There are many local Facebook groups being used to provide and ask for help. In case you need to find your local group, in the main search box look for your area or postcode.

Deliver Boss is joining hands with the customers and riders during this pandemic to be a help to those who need it. Our motive is to help people and keep them safe while ensuring that they are not out of essentials.