Provisions For Our Riders, Our Heroes during This Pandemic

Today the entire world seems to be moving at a dwindled pace. All of us are fighting this outspread of COVID-19 together under one umbrella. It has changed our lives in tremendous ways which have slowed the economic growth, disrupted all trade, supply, travel, and affected the source of living for many people across the globe. 

Reduction in daily income and financial support has made the lives of many people difficult in this time of crisis. We at Deliver Boss understand and stand firmly with you in these difficult times. We always cater and look forward to helping everyone.

We- Our customers, riders, and vendors are one united family. In this unpredictable apocalypse, we promise to protect and extend support to all our family members.

In case you want to earn some additional income in these hard times. Don’t worry, leave it to us. You can register yourself as a ‘Rider’ with us. We will ensure that you do not face all these challenges alone. Your safety will be our priority. Our Riders are the real hero’s who give in their best to make sure you get your order on time.

Basic Amenities For All Our Riders

As there have been a series of outbreaks across the globe, the corporate sector has to step ahead and think of standing apart from the traditional line of thinking. Deliver Boss respects all its employees and always extends helping hands to them.

 #Supportive Approach

We understand that this is a human crisis and having a supportive hand for all is the need of the hour. We are empathetic and supportive of all our employees. We care for all our employees and believe in progressing together.


We provide flexibility in working to our teams and convenient working schedules to all. We focus on building a healthy work lifestyle. Deliver Boss always focuses on a friendly working environment. Your convenience is our responsibility.


We understand the role of inter-dependencies we share among us. We have a transparent working system with an effective communication system bridging all the gaps.

#Suitable and Timely Wages

In these difficult times, we at Delivery Boss understand the situation people endure running out of their savings. We look to it that the salaries of all our employees reach them on time. There is no hindrance in providing any financial support from our side. We are always ‘Happy To Help’.

#Sick Pay Policy

We salute all our employees and riders who give in their best in serving humanity even in this pandemic. With our ‘Sick Pay Policy,’ we always choose to step forward and support them in their times of need. This fund will ensure that you are benefited and catered to when in urgency. Unlike other firms in which employees often complain of injustice in the distribution of sick pay, we always stand with our employees in their critical times.

#No Collapsing Of Income

It is the time when we need to be together and show empathy with everyone. Be least worried, your income will not collapse. Our riders will not suffer the fall in their income graph. We look to ensure that you do not have any pay cuts and your earnings do not drop. We have paid leaves for all our riders.

#Consistency in the policies

There have been complaints from several employees all over the world about inconsistency in the company’s policies. Our policies do not shift from their pivotal role. They are always in favour of our helping hands who risk their health and hygiene and step out of their comfort zones. They are the true warriors serving the human race.

#No nonstandard forms of employment

Many employees from the labour market and delivery services are often seen complaining about ‘Junk Contracts’ which leaves them with unstable incomes. Deliver Boss does not favour any nonstandard employment which will exploit anyone. In this coronavirus crisis, we provide economic aid to all our riders and your job will not be scrapped at any point in time.

Precautionary Measures Taken For The Safety Of Our Riders

While ensuring that our customers get the best services and wonderful customer experience, we also take care of the safety of our riders. When social distancing and shielding at homes is the need of the hour, our riders are fighting daily along with the doctors and police to make sure you get all the essentials delivered at the right time. 

It is our responsibility to provide them with a safe working environment. Here are some measures we take to protect our riders and see to it that they are strictly followed.

#Distribution Of Safety Kits

All the riders catering to the essential requirements of our customers are provided with protective gear. It includes necessary items such as disinfectants, masks, sanitizers, temperature checkers to maintain and keep their health and hygiene while working. All our employees wear hand gloves in their working hours.

#Social Distancing

All the rules and norms regarding social distancing are strictly followed. The employees at the workplace maintain at least 2 meters of distance among them. All our vendors have been following this measure.

#Sanitization Of Working Premises

Our workplace is sanitized every second day and all the vendors who have joined with us strictly follow the same policy regarding sanitization.

#Regular Check Of Temperature

All our riders and employees have a regular check-up of their body temperature. We keep in touch with all our vendors and see to it that they follow the same.

#Contact Less Delivery

To minimize human contact we encourage contactless delivery. In this, the rider and the customer have minimal contact between them. Once the rider delivers the order at the customer’s doorstep, he will receive a message prompt for the prepaid order. The customer can then easily collect his order.

#Encourage Online Payment

We encourage online payment to minimize the contact between the customer and the rider. This way the contactless delivery of orders will work out and will not endanger our riders.

In these challenging scenarios, Deliver Boss promises to support you and extend a warm helping hand and open arms to all. Our riders are our responsibility and we must provide them with an excellent and healthy working environment.