Revolution In The Delivery Market With Deliver Boss

The outspread of coronavirus has made us all vulnerable. Our lives have come to a halt and the whole world seems to be running at a slower pace. The pandemic has affected our lives drastically. All we can do is shield at our homes and take preventive measures to escape the outspread.

With the total number of COVID-19 cases surging and soaring high day by day, maintaining proper social distancing and being cautious about our health and hygiene is the need of the hour.

Social distancing and shielding have made it almost unfeasible to step out and shop for our daily essentials. In this time of crisis, we at Deliver Boss understand your concerns and are always there to help you. A single tap and we will make certain that your placed order reaches you on time.

From providing groceries, high grade and hygienic food, medicines, retail services to flexible services at your doorsteps, we cater to all your needs. We believe in optimizing our customer experience and ensure proper sanitization while catering to your orders.

On our platform, the store owners and service providers will be able to deliver their products to the customers and our riders will make sure to bridge the gap between them.

Why Deliver Boss?

#1 Reasonable and affordable prices

We at Deliver Boss understand your situation midst of this pandemic and shortage of cash the customers might be facing due to the lockdown. We will try to make sure that no extra cost is incurred by the customers. Unlike all the giant companies who tend to charge more than the maximum retail price, there is always a rush for pre-booking of delivery slots.

#2 Contactless Delivery for you

We will try to give our best to follow all the contact with fewer delivery norms. After placing the order and making an online payment, the delivery plan will be followed. We will try to eliminate as much human contact as we can and maintain social distancing between the customer and the rider. Once the order is delivered at your door, you will get a message prompt with the status of the delivered order. You can then pick your order. This way it will reduce contact.

#3 Finer Quality 

We provide you with the best quality services enhancing both the customer and vendor experience. We believe in making our customers happy with our best services.

#4 Transparency

We tend to follow an efficient and transparent model for our users. Everything is shared with our users and they can make their decision and make the best choices.

#5Easy Access 

Everything is easily accessible to the users within the comfort zone of their home. On a single tap, we will make your essentials reach you on time.

#6 Order Any time 

With Deliver Boss, you can order your essentials any time of the day and round the clock.

#7 Timely Delivery

Our riders will make sure that you don’t have to wait for long. We will try to deliver your order within the stipulated time limit.

# 8 Hyperlocal Fast Delivery

We tend to target a specific area for the easy and instant provision of services and goods to you. It enhances the customer experience and makes the delivery faster.

Provisions For our Riders midst the pandemic

In this time of crisis, we understand the situation all of us are enduring. We cannot step out of our homes and thus many people may be having a hard time running out of daily earnings and savings. This pandemic has affected our lives in the end number of ways. Don’t worry! , on our platform, you can have additional earnings while maintaining your safety. You can register yourselves as a ‘Rider’ with us. We offer you several benefits and take precautionary measures for your safety.

In these extraordinary times, our riders are not sitting at their homes and shielding, but they are fighting every day and doing their bit of service to humanity by making sure you have your essential requirements on time.

While providing the best services to customers we make sure that our riders are safe as well. We give all our riders a protective gear which includes masks, temperature checkers and disinfectants to maintain their health and hygiene.

Measures were taken by our Vendors to fight the Coronavirus

In this difficult time, it is always crossing the customer’s mind that whether the order they have placed is hygienic and made up with all the precautionary measures? We at Deliver Boss keep in mind all your concerns. We tend to bring in all the possible changes and revolution which will enhance the delivery of goods.

  • Our vendors sanitize their working premises every second day.
  • All the employees working have been provided with safety kits which include masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, and the temperatures are checked regularly.
  • All the employees work by wearing hand gloves and changing them regularly.
  • Social distancing is maintained at the working area and all norms are strictly followed.
  • All the vendors with us have ensured safe staffing in their offices.
  • We maintain contact with all our vendors to keep us updated about the sanitization norms being followed. 

Immediate Steps in the interest of our customers

We at Deliver Boss have taken many steps to help our customers in these difficult times. The immediate measures are taken by us include:

  • Our priority these days is to deliver the most essential commodities to the customers, who need it urgently.
  • We have even increased our supplies and filled our stocks from trusted vendors.
  • We tend to provide fast delivery at your doorsteps.
  • Our team makes sure that no extra charges are incurred by the customers and that the vendors take no undue advantage of the situation.
  • We focus on contactless delivery so that no contact is maintained between the customer and the rider.
  • Our vendors and riders take proper care of the sanitization, health, and hygiene.
  • We encourage an online mode of payment to reduce the contact while giving money hand to hand.
  • We make sure that all the employees have their temperatures checked regularly.

Each one of us is fighting in our ways with this life-threatening and fatal virus to save us from its clutches. Delivery Boss is always there for you and will always make sure you don’t fight alone. We are always happy to help.