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COVID-19 pandemic has left a bigger mark on the customers than we can ever expect. We are in between the crisis that has put a ban on social gathering and made people be homebound. As a result, our lives have come at a stop while breaking ties with the outer world.

Truth be told, social media has made it easy for us to survive but there are basic essentials that we depend upon to live. Be it medicines, grocery, and food, we all need it to survive.

However, with social distancing, it is not possible for anyone to go down to the market and purchase the necessities. As a result, we all depend upon the alternative that can make our lives amid pandemic a bit easier. 

The quarantine period has made users depend upon the delivery options that can offer services at their doorsteps while maintaining sanitization. A few taps on the app and we can get the essential delivered at our homes. 

With this creativity, Deliver Boss, even though we are a startup company, is all set to facilitate the lives of valuable users and support them at every step. After all, creativity and imagination are the major aspects that allow us to help the users to our best.

We are offering services in different segments of on-demand that includes grocery, pharmacy, food delivery, and Delivery as a Service. The pandemic has started a sudden panic among customers that have made it even more important to deliver the products to the customers.

If we even check out the graph below, we can see the drastic effect grocery, food delivery, and pharmacy apps are having amid COVID-19.

Coronavirus affect on UK Internet Users

Even with no fear of the pandemic, the on-demand delivery apps have their value in the market. The usage and market value of some of the major on-demand sectors has increased over the last couple of months such as grocery, pharmacy, food delivery, etc. 

So, how much has coronavirus impacted the customers in the UK? What are the major measures that are taken by them?

Impact of Coronavirus on the customers

Since 31st January 2020, the UK has faced the heat of the coronavirus pandemic that has increased over time. The number has now crossed the bar of lakhs and thousands of deaths.

The highest number of cases are mainly reported in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England that makes it even more important to offer essential services to the citizens.

After the first case, the diagnostic kit is launched by Public Health England (PHE) to ensure that maximum citizens are tested. Even other laboratories are coming forward with test kits to test the citizens for coronavirus patients.

Preventive Measures taken by the government

With the increase of COVID-19 cases, the government has announced the area on high alert. Even the PHE is updating the cases of coronavirus regularly and accurately. There are several measures that the government is taking that has made users depend upon doorstep delivery services.

#1 Lock-Down

On 23rd March 2020, the UK government announced the lockdown and asked citizens to stay at home until and unless it is for essential purchases. Even the gathering is banned in the area with only essential stores opened.

Amid this pandemic, Deliver Boss is trying to help out the customers and delivery essential items at their doorsteps. From grocery to pharmacy, we have all covered it for the users to ensure that they stay safely at home without facing any issue.

#2 Retaining Medical Stocks 

The government understands that amid the pandemic, they might face some medical supplies shortage due to which the suppliers are advised to start retaining stocks. 

#3 Retaining Groceries

Government has advised the citizens to not stock up on groceries and only order for the essentials that will be required in a week or less. Even at Deliver Boss, we understand the dilemma and make sure that only the essential items and required quantity are maintained. 

Contactless Delivery

We, at Deliver Boss, understand the coronavirus pandemic outbreak and hence make sure to follow the contactless delivery rules. Several countries are already taking leverage of the contactless delivery to ensure that their demands are met.

The mobile apps allow customers to order as per their requirement, be it grocery or medicines, and make payment online. Once the order is placed, our delivery person starts working to reach their destination as per the delivery schedule. 

The arrangement might not be suitable for the customers or even a delivery person, but it is essential to minimize human contact to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We make sure that social distancing is followed by the customers as well as a delivery person.

However, our motive is to make sure that even with the pandemic, customers can get the basic requirement and essentials on time including food and groceries. To facilitate this, our riders are fighting along with doctors, service providers, and police at the front line.

In the contactless delivery, once the order is placed, our rider will deliver the items at your doorsteps due to the sudden increase of the coronavirus. Once the delivery personnel place the items at the location, a message will be sent showing the delivery status. Then you can pick it up easily without getting in touch with others.

We are trying our best to follow an easy and clear path during the delivery making it easy for everyone to fight off the COVID-19.

How will Deliver Boss help you keep up with COVID19 pandemic?

The apocalypse has taken a toll on everyone including customers and brands. Even with such situations, our customers are the major focus and we are here to make sure that they receive their essentials on time. 

#1 Customer

This is more vital since the citizens including elders need more care and timely delivery. The elders and others can need the essential at any time of the day on an urgent basis. Hence, we are making sure that no one is left behind.

To help out the customers, we have taken necessary measures that include:

  • Increased capacity of medicines and grocery delivery from our reliable merchants.
  • Our main priority is to deliver “highly essential items” that are required urgently by the customers.
  • We are making sure that no high price is charged by the customers and combating the merchants that are aiming for profits amid pandemic.

#2 Riders

Our riders are facing challenging situations to make sure that others can get the essentials on time. During the time, when social distancing and quarantine is becoming the major concern, our riders are not sitting still but are fighting it together with doctors and police.

To help our riders, we are taking the necessary measures to keep them safe amid the pandemic.

  • We have made sure that every rider has personal protective gear including disinfectants and masks along with a temperature checker to maintain their health.
  • With offering top-notch service to the customers, we are also making sure that our riders are safe and sound.
  • We also motivate customers to add extra tips for the riders that are keeping their lives at the line to deliver the essential to them on time. 

#3 Merchants or Vendors

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we understand the concern of customers to ensure that the items or essentially ordered are hygienic or not. The virus has made customers doubt every item coming from the market that has put the pressure on the merchants.

However, our Deliver Boss motive is to bring in revolution to the delivery business due to which we make sure that our merchants are following the sanitization techniques. 

  • Our merchants are making sure that social distancing is followed by every employee with approximately 2 meters of distance between them. 
  • We are also making sure that all the merchants are maintaining safe staffing. 
  • We are making sure to have proper communication with every merchant to ensure that they are maintaining the required sanitization aspects. 
  • Our merchants make sure to sanitize their offices every alternative day, distribute protective gears, and check the temperature regularly. 


The on-demand industry is on the rise with time especially with everyone facing the pandemic. Everyone needs to put their best foot forward and offer services to the customers while maintaining peace. 

Deliver Boss is going to be open for the grocery and pharmacy service for the customers. However, we are not limited to them, we will be launching the food delivery services and Delivery as a Service (DaaS) to the list. 

Our motive is to ensure that our users can be safe and secure without coming in contact with the deadly coronavirus. We believe technology can be an effective part of humanity and can bring in a revolution in the world with our boss like delivery.