Deliver Boss an ideal Choice
Deliver Boss an ideal choice for YOU

Deliver Boss is an intermediary platform for the grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. and customers. With the help of the platforms, users can make the order with a few taps and get it delivered at their doorsteps.

The UK based delivery company, Deliver Boss, is to help the customers to meet their demand and riders to help them earn some extra amount. The purported goal is to enhance the user and rider experience. 

What motivates users to go for on-demand delivery services?

Free delivery – 51%

Fast delivery – 48%

Offers & Discounts – 43%

Number of options – 36%

Ease of order – 30%

Flexible delivery option – 27%

Transparent Hygiene – 26%

Especially when we are going through the coronavirus pandemic, we are under the lockdown that is making it impossible for us to go out and purchase the essentials. However, all thanks to on-demand delivery services, it is now possible to get the essentials delivered at the doorsteps.

If we talk about the United Kingdoms, the situation is going worse and has gone to the red mark. As a result, the citizens are asked to take maximum precautions and stay at home while avoiding social interaction at any cost.

However, the essential items are the basic necessities of the customers. No one can survive without groceries and in most cases medicines. As a result, it is essential to have a reliable solution such as on-demand delivery services.

But do you think it is reliable in every situation?

Why is a Deliver Boss a better option?

During the time of self-isolation and quarantine, the slot of giant on-demand delivery services is booked. Be it takeouts, groceries, or pharmacies, everyone is facing high demand. Some are hoarding whereas others are going to order the important items only.

Irrespective of it, the users are booking in advance to get the desired timeslot. This is the biggest struggle of the users due to the demand for the products around the location. The delivery apps are partners with the store around to make it easy for the users to get the products.

It is a handy alternative for the users since they don’t need to go out. But what many of the customers don’t know about is that the giants are in partnership with the stores around the cities that make it easy for them to deliver.

In addition to this, even though the store is only a mile away, the giants are charging higher prices for the products that can be purchased at the MRP only. Many of the customers that know usually ignore this fact due to the home delivery and ease of ordering.

But it is definitely not acceptable for everyone. This is where the Deliver boss comes in. At Deliver Boss, our motive is to ensure that customers get the products at the reasonable prices. We make sure that no extra amount is taken from the customers, especially when times are difficult for everyone.

Deliver Boss understands the situation due to the lockdown and the issues users are facing due to the cash flow. We make sure that users can easily get the product without paying extra for it.

Not only this but our motive is to help the users and riders to ensure that they can save a lot of money. Our motive is to ensure that the riders and customers can rule the delivery market at their own terms.

Deliver Boss is not to make one the boss but it is to take all the people involved including riders, customers, and stores to be boss of deliveries.